Gender income gap

Gender income gap Minimising the impact on your retirement income The gap between women’s and men’s annual average expected retirement

UK pension savings gap

UK pension savings gap The need for a greater awareness of what must be saved today If savers want a

Wealth generation

Wealth generation Are you getting tax-efficiencies on the gains you make from the money you invest? Whatever you’re putting money

Savings behaviour

Savings behaviour UK pension system is sustainable but inadequate It’s been estimated that 18% of earnings need to be saved

New retirement rules

Will the new retirement rule of ‘no rules’ offer people a better financial future? Following pension reforms, there are now

Term life insurance

Term life insurance Protecting your family’s finances by covering living expenses or replacing lost income With a term life insurance

Investing for income

Investing for income How certain innate behavioural traits influence our decision-making With historic ultra-low interest rates on savings, many investors

Planning for your retirement

Planning for your retirement Getting ready to slow things down One of the critical aspects of retirement planning is how

Whole of life insurance

Whole-of-life insurance A guaranteed tax-free payment whenever you die When you start investing, or even if you are a sophisticated

Family succession planning

Family Succession planning Taking advice early and developing a personal financial plan is crucial to meeting long-term goals Succession planning

New state pension age

New state pension age How will it affect your retirement plans? Will you be one of the millions of workers