Lifetime annuity

Lifetime annuity Guaranteeing you a regular retirement income for life An annuity allows you to use your pension fund to


Drawdown Helping you make the most of the new pension freedoms rules Drawdown allows you to take income directly from

Bank of Mum and Dad

Bank of Mum and Dad The UK’s most lenient lender? The Bank of Mum and Dad is potentially the UK’s

Pension freedoms

Pension freedoms Major shift in how you can access your pensions New rules about pensions came into effect on 6


Buy-to-let Boom to be sustained by pension freedoms In the previous five years, buy-to-let has seen the impact of huge

Your retirement investments

Giving you more control over your retirement investments Transferring other pensions into a Self-Invested Personal Pension If you have a

Savings black hole

Savings black hole Inflation set to erode Britain’s £60 billion cash savings Millions of Britons could see their savings shrink,

Lifetime allowance

Lifetime allowance Maximum total amount that an individual can hold within all their pension funds There’s also a maximum total

Get “wrapped” up

Get ‘wrapped’ up Autonomy to make your own investment decisions Some people don’t want a pension company deciding how their

SIPP contributions

Self-Invested Personal Pension contributions Limiting the amount of contributions you can make each year which attract tax relief Every year,

Priceless education

Priceless education Choosing an independent school is a serious investment Parents or grandparents wishing to give their children or grandchildren