Bank of Mum and Dad

Bank of Mum and Dad Innovative products to be created for would-be home owners The Building Societies Association (BSA) have

Wealth creation

Wealth creation Spreading risk by accessing different types of assets Investing for the long-term means persisting through market swings. History

State pension

State pension Half a million workers past pension age could be paying unnecessary tax A significant number of people working


Freetirees Pension freedoms usher in a new generation The introduction of pension freedoms has been a huge enabler for over

Tracing a lost pension

Tracing a lost pension Nearly £20 billion unclaimed money and growing The scale of the UK’s lost pensions mountain has

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax No longer something that only affects the very wealthy Inheritance Tax is no longer something that only affects

Building a diverse portfolio

Building a diverse portfolio Time, patience and making informed decisions Making sense of today’s market headwinds and building a diverse

New tax year

New tax year The key changes you need to know You want to pay the minimum amount of tax legally

Cost of inflation

Cost of inflation Eroding the purchasing power of your money The impact of inflation on savings and investments, especially of

Maximising returns

Maximising returns Importance of mitigating key investment risks Asset allocation depends on your goals, your attitude to risk, your capacity