Retirement matters

Retirement matters Staying invested and giving your money the greatest chance to grow Perhaps the most common investment advice is

Inflation-proofing your portfolio

Inflation-proofing your portfolio One of the biggest threats to the health of your investments The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had

Risk of retirement longevity

Risk of retirement longevity Maximising investment returns over a longer life expectancy There are lots of variables in retirement: how

Diverse range of funds

Diverse range of funds Choosing a broad spread of instruments in which to invest Pooled investment funds are usually large

Pound cost averaging

Pound cost averaging Smoothing out the ups and downs of the market Pound cost averaging is a technique that reduces

Avoid the pitfalls of market timing

Avoid the pitfalls of market timing Don’t become distracted by short-term volatility Trying to navigate the ups and downs of