Investing during retirement

Investing during retirement Why it’s important not to view your portfolio with an element of finality Retirement is a major

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax Passing assets tax-efficiently to the next generation Making provision for your loved ones after you have gone is

Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney Peace of mind that there is someone you trust to look after your affairs A Lasting

Making a Will

Making a Will Have you decided what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death? Since the outbreak

Living with long-term care needs

Living with long-term care needs Covering the cost of your care depends on several unknowns With the UK’s population ageing,

Private medical insurance

Private medical insurance Helping you get the treatment you need quickly at a difficult time Private medical insurance offers you

Added value support

Added value support Employer-provided income protection While the financial benefits are usually the main reason why people choose to protect

Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance How would you pay the bills if you were sick or injured and couldn’t work? Being unable

Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover Extra protection for you and your loved ones Critical illness cover can help minimise the financial impact

Whole-of-life insurance

Whole-of-life insurance Cover to protect you for your entire life You may not think you need as much life insurance