Pre-year-end tax planning

Pre-year-end tax planning Tax-saving actions to take before the deadline As we approach the end of the current tax year

Succession planning, a family affair

Succession planning, a family affair A delicate process that requires clear communication and effective planning Transferring wealth within a family

The Family Bank

The Family Bank Planning to aid the next generation According to new research, close to one in five (18%) of

Writing a Will

Writing a Will Opportunity to express your preferences and ensure your wishes are respected For residents of England or Wales

Passing on assets tax-efficiently

Passing on assets tax-efficiently How to ensure that your wealth is preserved for future generations Are you concerned about the

UK Trust Register

UK Trust Register Understanding how the introduction may affect you and your trust When you put assets in a trust,


Trusts ‘Ring-fencing’ assets to protect family wealth for future generations You may want to consider putting some of your assets

Making a Will

Making a Will Avoid legal wrangles and confusion over who will benefit from your estate A valid Will is an

Power of pensions

Power of pensions Tax-efficient solution for passing on your wealth Passing wealth through the family, for most, is an important

Inheritance Tax Residence Nil-Rate Band

Inheritance Tax Residence Nil-Rate Band Owning a residence which you leave to direct descendants The introduction of the ‘residence nil-rate