Money and divorce

Money and divorce Untangling your finances and navigating the financial aspects of divorce Divorce is a complex process that often

Thinking about divorcing?

Thinking about divorcing? Protecting your assets and preparing you for going forward on your own Divorce involves many loose ends,

Pension poverty after divorce

Pension poverty after divorce Ensuring an equal division of all the assets within the matrimonial pot When you are off

Coping with life-changing events

Coping with life-changing events Plan for tomorrow, live for today Change is the only constant in life. It inevitably involves

Mind the divorce Gap

Mind the divorce Gap Women see incomes fall by 33% following divorce, compared to just 18% for men Divorce is

Breaking up is hard to do

Breaking up is hard to do Managing the financial impact of divorce When long-term relationships split up, there are a

Silver splitters

Silver splitters Financial fall-out of divorcing in middle age While the number of couples divorcing has decreased in recent years[1],

For richer, for poorer

For richer, for poorer Pension and asset advice should be part of the divorce process Divorce – it’s one of

For richer, for poorer

For richer, for poorer Divorced Britons regret splitting after new financial pressures hit home The pain of regret after divorce