Discretionary Trust

Discretionary Trust Wide class of potential beneficiaries With a Discretionary Trust, the settlor makes a gift into trust, and the

Bare Trust

Bare Trust Held for the benefit of a specified beneficiary Bare Trusts are also known as ‘Absolute’ or ‘Fixed Interest


Trusts ‘Ring-fencing’ assets to protect family wealth for future generations You may want to consider putting some of your assets

Lifetime transfers

Lifetime transfers Remember the seven-year rule An outright gift falls into one of two categories, depending on the type of

Strategies and solutions

Strategies and solutions Provision in place to preserve and protect your assets Failing to protect family wealth from Inheritance Tax

Preserving your family’s wealth

Preserving your family’s wealth Achieving the right balance of control, access, flexibility and tax advantages Inheritance Tax is a tax

Writing a Will

Writing a Will How much do you have to leave and who will get what? It’s important to make sure

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax What will your legacy look like? Intergenerational planning helps you put financial measures in place to benefit your