Life Insurance

Life Insurance COVID-19: What you need to know The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, has led to concerns and questions about how

Whole-of-life Insurance

Whole-of-life Insurance Guaranteed tax-free payment whenever you die A whole-of-life insurance policy is designed to give you a specified amount

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance A good option for family protection With term life insurance policy you choose the amount you want

Different Types of Life Insurance

Different Types of Life Insurance When it comes to our life insurance, you’ve got options ‘Single life’ policies cover just

Wellbeing Indicators

Wellbeing Indicators COVID-19 pandemic show adults are pessimistic about future improvements Adults expect their financial wellbeing to worsen throughout the

Critical factor

Critical factor Protection for you and your loved ones What would life be like if you were diagnosed with a

Visualise your future

Visualise your future Reaching a state of complete financial wellbeing Financial wellbeing ultimately comes from achieving financial security and independence.

The critical factor

The critical factor Life-changing cover, for life-changing events Our lifestyles may vary, but we all need to make financial safeguards.

Living with long-term care needs

Living with long-term care needs Covering the cost of your care depends on several unknowns With the UK’s population ageing,

Private medical insurance

Private medical insurance Helping you get the treatment you need quickly at a difficult time Private medical insurance offers you

Added value support

Added value support Employer-provided income protection While the financial benefits are usually the main reason why people choose to protect