Lifetime transfers

Lifetime transfers Remember the seven-year rule An outright gift falls into one of two categories, depending on the type of

Generation COVID-19

Generation COVID-19 Financial support to younger members as a direct result of the pandemic The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led

Gifting generation

Gifting generation Older family members supporting younger generation through the pandemic Young people have been one of the worst-affected groups

Wealth preservation

Wealth preservation The 6 things you need to consider to help preserve your wealth Whether you have earned your wealth,

Making financial gifts

Making financial gifts Passing on your assets effectively whilst you’re alive Some people like to transfer some of their assets

Inheritance tax

Inheritance Tax Passing assets efficiently to the next generation remains a primary objective for many There are many things to

It’s good to give

It’s good to give Inheritance Tax exemptions Making a gift to your family and friends while you’re alive can be