Show me the money

Show me the money Choosing an investment style that best suits your needs Investment styles are professional strategies used to

Investment funds

Investment funds Influencing your investment choices There are many reasons to invest through a fund, rather than buying assets on

Pound cost averaging

Pound cost averaging Instilling a sense of investment discipline Pound cost averaging is an investing strategy that can help to

Pitfalls of market timing

Pitfalls of market timing Don’t become distracted by short-term volatility Trying to navigate the ups and downs of market returns,

Behavioural patterns

Behavioural patterns Shaping the way we invest, for better or worse Investors should keep things in perspective and not overreact

Six principles of investing

Six principles of investing Investing your money and avoiding costly mistakes 1. Have a strategy and stick to it It

Risk tolerance

Risk tolerance An important part of the investment decision process There’s no single answer to the question of how much

Goals-based investing

Goals-based investing Helping you to make wise financial decisions Investors today are bombarded with an overwhelming number of choices and

Ten tips for first-time investors

Ten tips for first-time investors Ready to get started on your investment journey? Investing can help you grow your money

Investment choices

Investment choices Behavioural patterns shaping our way of investing, for better or worse When it comes to money and investing,