Thinking ahead

Thinking ahead How our retirement plans may change in response to the coronavirus pandemic The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has touched

Risk of retirement longevity

Risk of retirement longevity Maximising investment returns over a longer life expectancy There are lots of variables in retirement: how

Avoid the pitfalls of market timing

Avoid the pitfalls of market timing Don’t become distracted by short-term volatility Trying to navigate the ups and downs of

Naturally spread risk

Naturally spread risk Incorporating a wide range of different assets Understanding investment risk and determining what level of risk you

Understanding risk

Understanding risk How much risk are you willing to take? If you want to plan for your financial future, it

Let time do its work

Let time do its work Focusing on long-term horizons Fear and worry are understandable, particularly as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Managing volatility

Managing volatility Diversification is paramount in uncertain times The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has understandably been dominating the news headlines.

Focus on long-term horizons

Focus on long-term horizons Time in the market, not timing the market During this difficult time, fear and worry are

Collective investments

Collective investments Pooling money in one or more types of asset class Collective investment schemes – also known as ‘pooled

Unintended investment consequences

Unintended investment consequences Staying disciplined and sticking to your plan is key The overall direction of developed stock markets is

Trust in your investments

Trust in your investments Taking a more diverse approach to asset allocation Investment trusts are a well-established way of investing.