Show me the money

Show me the money Choosing an investment style that best suits your needs Investment styles are professional strategies used to

Investment funds

Investment funds Influencing your investment choices There are many reasons to invest through a fund, rather than buying assets on

Pitfalls of market timing

Pitfalls of market timing Don’t become distracted by short-term volatility Trying to navigate the ups and downs of market returns,

Goals-based investing

Goals-based investing Helping you to make wise financial decisions Investors today are bombarded with an overwhelming number of choices and

Investment choices

Investment choices Behavioural patterns shaping our way of investing, for better or worse When it comes to money and investing,

Roadmap for investors

Roadmap for investors Increased confidence portfolios will perform well in 2022 In 2021, there was a return to some form

“Time is money”

“Time is money” Five principles of investing everyone should know Are your investments working as hard as they could be?

Improving your financial health

Improving your financial health Staying on track to achieving specific financial goals All of your financial decisions and activities have

Saving for a rainy day

Saving for a rainy day What’s the right emergency fund amount for you? An emergency fund is money you put

What’s happening with inflation?

What’s happening with inflation? Easing of lockdowns boosts consumer confidence and unleashes pent-up demand Understanding inflation is an important factor