Leaving your legacy behind

Leaving your legacy behind Considerations when making a Will Thinking about death isn’t easy. Talking about it is even harder.

Making a Will

Making a Will Distributing financial wealth or possessions in an orderly fashion A valid Will is an incredibly important part

Strategies and solutions

Strategies and solutions Provision in place to preserve and protect your assets Failing to protect family wealth from Inheritance Tax

Preserving your family’s wealth

Preserving your family’s wealth Achieving the right balance of control, access, flexibility and tax advantages Inheritance Tax is a tax

Writing a Will

Writing a Will How much do you have to leave and who will get what? It’s important to make sure

Advice matters

Advice matters Life events that professional financial advice can help you navigate In the current climate, we understand that you

Reduce your Inheritance Tax bill

Reduce your Inheritance Tax bill 10 ways to protect your estate for your loved ones Even those who believe they

Making a Will during COVID-19

Making a Will during COVID-19 Thinking about how well we are prepared for our futures As coronavirus (COVID-19) leaves many

Planning for succession

Planning for succession How you will “slice up your wealth pie?” There is no easy way to say it –