If you’re struggling in the fog of pre-divorce, we can provide you with a clear path and direction to help you through the process. And we can help you start your new post divorce life with confidence, setting out a pathway through the financial and personal issues that you will need to negotiate.


Pensions are usually one of the largest marital assets, and one of the most contested in a divorce settlement.

We can help you. The combination of Colin Tate‘s background as a family lawyer and our accreditation from Resolution in Pensions and Divorce provides powerful expert support.

We can advise you and your legal advisors on the best way in which to achieve a fair settlement, including pension share, and how to implement the pension share in the most cost effective way and in order to maximise benefits.

For those parties that have shared their pension, we can advise on putting a suitable plan in place to re-finance the pension debit taken from that party’s pension plan.

How we can help:

  • Single/joint expert witness pension reports and shadowing other experts’ reports.
  • Calculation for parity of pensions in retirement.
  • Appraisal of pension disclosure on Form E.
  • Advice on structuring settlements involving pensions.
  • Advising on settlement remedies of offsetting attachment and pension sharing orders.

Other areas of divorce advice

  • Mortgage capacity
  • Pension and Retirement
  • Investment and Savings
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Wills and Trust Planning


Divorce is one of the most stressful life experiences, and it helps to have the right people on your side. We’re financial planners who used to be family lawyers, so we know the process inside out. Working with us smooth’s the divorce process, and our advice helps you achieve the best settlement and outcome. Planning for your new life is easier once you’ve got your finances on track, and we can help you build for your future.

Our initial consultation is at our expense, and if you choose to work with us our charges are transparent and realistic.


Balancing your budgets – help with post divorce finance

For people who have been married a long time and have been used to making financial decisions jointly, it can be hard to make the first financial steps alone.

PP Wealth help you face your new life with confidence. There’s a lot to tackle after a separation, but knowing you’ve got your finances sorted gives you a solid base to build on. Working with us gives you much needed support. We’ll complete a financial planning structure for you that will be easy to administer, creating clarity and reassurance. And we’ll continue to review your situation, to make sure the plan in place stays on track and provides flexibility for the twists and turns that life throws at you.


“Divorce is a unique situation that people find themselves in, it makes them fragile and vulnerable. The last thing they want is to deal with a financial advisor who is cold selling stuff to them -they want to deal with somebody who understands the situation completely. Colin absolutely empathises with clients, it’s all about communication and Colin is very much a people person. He’s somebody that can be trusted, somebody who will look after them and look after their future”
– Kiran Beeharry