As a trusted adviser we work with a range of professional connections and intermediaries.

For Solicitors

Family Law & Divorce

We are utilised as a resource by a diverse range of family law firms and are engaged to provide pre and post divorce financial planning advice.

Pensions are usually one of the largest marital assets, and one of the most contested in a divorce settlement.  We can help you.

The combination of Colin Tate’s background as a family lawyer and our accreditation from Resolution in Pensions and Divorce provides powerful expert support.

We can advise you and your legal advisors on the best way in which to achieve a fair settlement, including pension share, and how to implement the pension share in the most cost effective way and in order to maximise benefits.

For those parties that have shared their pension, we can advise on putting a suitable plan in place to re-finance the pension debit taken from that party’s pension plan.

Here’s how we can help:

• Single/joint expert witness pension reports and shadowing other experts’ reports.

• Calculation for parity of pensions in retirement

• Appraisal of pension disclosure on Form E

• Advice on structuring settlements involving pensions

• Advising on settlement remedies of offsetting attachment and pension sharing orders

Private Client Departments

The Trustee Act of 2000 increased the obligation on Trustees (both professional and non-professional) to ensure that Trust assets are invested in an appropriate manner. Important change to Trust taxation placed a greater focus on the need for investments to be structured in a tax efficient manner and Trustees must ensure that Trust investment portfolios are:

• Diversified between different assets and asset classes

• Structured in the most tax efficient manner

• Regularly reviewed (with acceptable documentation)

The responsibility sits with the Trustees to seek professional advice in the management of the Trust and to be prepared to pay for this out of the Trust assets. We can help you with this.

Court of Protection

We are frequently instructed by Deputies acting on behalf of the Court of Protection and are engaged in an investment advisory capacity to meet the needs of their Clients.

For Accountants

We work with accountants to provide a range of services including:

  • Auto Enrolment and employer compliance with pensions legislation.
  • Directors retirement planning structures such as Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS) structure and Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)
  • Keyman and Shareholder Protection arrangements
  • Company year end planning